Ogden schools lack adequate soccer fields

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:05 AM

Kyra Hudson


March means spring sports. Spring sports include outdoor soccer. I would like to address the lack of decent outdoor soccer facilities for Ogden city schools, specifically Mt. Ogden Jr. High and Ogden High. Both my children attend or have attended these schools, so I won’t speak for the other junior

high or high schools in the district.

The “beautiful sport” of soccer is the great equalizer as far as numbers and participation for girls, boys and diversity. Also to be mentioned are winning records and scholarship potential the high school program offers its players. Why, then, does this sport neither school not have a decent playing field in either school. It’s an embarrassment when we host visiting teams because neither team has a proper field to play on. Instead, coaches, players, and parents are at the mercy of Ogden City Recreation Department as to whether it will allow the schools to play on a substandard field at Mt. Ogden Park.

Furthermore, Ogden High has completed its incredible renovations ---what happened to the funds for a turf field? Now, our boys must practice on snowy, muddy, and unsafe conditions at the park. Is there a solution?

I would like to urge our wonderful school board, superintendent, parent organizations, athletic directors, mayor’s office, Goal foundation, and our high adventure sport friends in the community to address the shabby conditions we expect our children and coaches to play on. To paraphrase the poet: “In the Spring a young man’s (and woman’s) fancy lightly turns to thoughts of (soccer).” Let’s make it happen.

Kyra Hudson


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