Winter wheels

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:04 AM

Nick Short

Fat bikes are gaining traction around the mountain west.

You may have seen one on the trails and done a double take after you realized that the trails are still covered in snow. After all, this is when people should be traveling on skis or snowshoes, not cruising down the trails on a mountain bike.

“I never really rode a bike in the snow. You’d walk in it, You’d ski in it, but riding a bike in the snow is pretty new,” said Gabriel Chiafre, of his new experience riding a fat bike.

Fat bikes are similar to a mountain bikes except that the tires range between four and five inches wide. That is roughly double the standard mountain bike tire. The additional width gives the bike the float and traction needed to travel well on the snow.

“Tires are usually four inches wide with a tire pressure of five to nine P.S.I. At that pressure, the tires absorb a lot of the bumps on the trail.” said Colin Treanor of 9:Zero:7 Bikes.

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