Weber County jail proposes raising fees

Mar 9 2013 - 9:50pm


OGDEN -- The Weber County Sheriff's Office has proposed raising the amount jail inmates pay for medical treatment and prescriptions while incarcerated.

The price increase is meant to deter inmates in the jail from visiting the doctor out of boredom.

If approved, the medical co-pay would increase from $10 to $15 and the prescription co-pay would increase from $3 to $5.

Weber County Sheriff's Office Administrative Assistant Steffani Ebert presented the proposed at this week's meeting of the Weber County Commission.

The co-pay has not changed in 15 years and is not meant as a way to increase revenue for the jail, Ebert told the commission.

"Rather, it's to deter misuse of requests to see the doctor by inmates," Ebert said. "A lot of times, (those) who end up paying the fees are not the inmates."

The sheriff's office also presented additional fee changes at the meeting, including changing the billing cycle for inmates from daily to weekly.

The fees to hire a deputy or search-and -rescue personnel for a special event is increasing as well.

Hiring a sheriff's deputy will cost $50 an hour, while hiring search-and-rescue will cost $200 an hour for a minimum of five hours.

The presentation of the fee changes at the commission meeting served as a first reading and as a public notice.

Additional fees set by county will need to be set in the county fee ordinance, to be approved at a later date.

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