Congressmen dig in heels, won't find common ground

Mar 11 2013 - 2:06pm


A note regarding Congressman Jason Chaffetz: "The only way we get to where the church wants to be is when we get Democrats and Republicans agreeing. And when we do have common ground, we should vote and pass that and move to the next step." These are his words following the recent meeting between Elder Peter Uchdorf of the LDS First Presidency and President Obama, in which they discussed immigration policy. Of course this is the way public policy should be made. 

However, who are we to believe? The "...get Democrats and Republicans agreeing," "...finding common ground" Chaffetz who teaches we should " and pass that and move on to the next step?" Or, the obstructionist Chaffetz who has joined with Senator Mike Lee and others in digging in their heels and helping our president to create fiscal chaos? 

We need someone in Washington who will work to find "common ground" and then " and pass that and move to the next step." They can say it all they want. What we need is someone who will do it. Will Chaffetz and the rest of the Utah delegation in Washington please get to work and do their jobs?

Howard Noel


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