The quest for a dress

Mar 11 2013 - 9:03am


Taylor Deem and her date pose for a photo before Winterball at Fremont High.
Taylor Deem and her date pose for a photo before Winterball at Fremont High.

Earlier this year, Winterball took place at Fremont High. I had a date -- I had asked back in December -- so one Saturday my mother, sister and I decided that we needed to find a dress.

We left to go shopping with high hopes and positive attitudes. When it comes to finding a dance dress, there are many different shops in our area and we happened to visit only three.

From a friend of my mother's we heard about Dreams of Enchantment in Kaysville. When we reached our destination there was a sign informing us that the store had moved to Layton. After driving around for an hour, and not being able to find the store, we went to Crown Burgers and had delicious shakes and fries. I had never been to Crown Burgers before, so this was a new experience.

We did find the cute little shop after we finished our scrumptious treats, and eagerly bounced inside. The store, obviously quite popular, was bustling with activity. There were girls, dresses and assistants everywhere.

The dresses in this store were quite diverse and stylish. There were short dresses and a whole lot more long dresses of every color and size. There were also a lot of beaded bodices and full skirts. After briefly looking over the selections, we agreed not to try anything on because of the small amount of space and all the excess activity.

Next, we headed to Just Girl Stuff in Riverdale. This shop was much bigger, the assistants were courteous and well-mannered, and there was a larger selection of dresses. While the other shop had only formals, Just Girl Stuff had a wide array of dresses, from mother-of-the-bride to flower girl to dance wear.

A popular new style of short dress was also found at this shop. The back ties together in a crisscross corset fashion; the skirt is wads of fluffy tulle that ends mid-thigh. Low-cut, this style is absolutely hideous and looks as though it will fall off of the girl who wears it at any moment!

I exhausted different styles but just couldn't find one that spoke to me. I was looking for a shorter dress since the dance was semi-formal, but I wasn't opposed to a longer dress as long as it didn't have a full skirt. If we had stayed at this Riverdale shop a little longer, we probably could have found something appropriate, but there wasn't anything that we absolutely couldn't live without. However, had I been shopping for prom, I definitely could have found the perfect dress.

On the last stop of the day we decided to try Dress Barn in Riverdale. I had been in this store before, and they didn't have very many dress choices at the time. This time was much different -- there were so many good deals and sales, and a great variety of short and pleasing styles. I must have tried on every dress in the store!

After much trial and debate, I finally chose a black and white dress splattered with different shades of blue. It fit well and was quite comfortable. It ended at my knee and reminded me of something a Southern housewife might wear to dress up.

The sales associates were especially nice at this shop and were excited to help with anything. My dress cost $20 in total! I left the store with a smile on my face.

A couple of days later, my date and I went tie shopping. The Quilted Bear in Ogden's Newgate Mall has a good selection of ties, but nowhere near as diverse as the Tie Shop, also in the mall.

This store had a tie of every shade of every color and many different textures, designs and patterns. It didn't take more than a few minutes to find a stylish tie for my date that would stand out and match my lovely dress.

All in all, it was extremely fun shopping for a dress with my mother and my sister. It was also exhausting. So here are a few hints for others before dress shopping:

Always have a price in mind; this makes it much easier to narrow choices. It's a good idea, too, to know what kind of style you want. Also, take your mother shopping and not your friends. Mothers can be completely honest if something looks horrendous. Friends cannot; that's why they're friends and not family.

All of these tips will help in the tedious, but fun, dress hunt. I had a wonderful time with my mom and sister in what was probably a bonding experience. And even if you're not a fan of shopping, it's a great opportunity to people watch.

Taylor Deem is a junior at Fremont High School. Email her at


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