Our View: Tremonton turns away jobs

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:19 AM

Editorial Board

We’re disappointed with Tremonton city officials, as well as many of its residents, who said no to the introduction of a business that would have provided 200 jobs to the community. The city should not be turning away these potential jobs.

Yosemite Meats, based in Modesto, Calif., had offered to spend $25 million to renovate the old La-Z-Boy building and create a pork-processing plant. It would have been a boon to the community, which is reeling with job losses over the past five years.

Apparently, however, a pork-processing plant is beneath the dignity of many residents in the city. One individual who protested the proposed business carried a bag of porcine poop to show city council members how the proposed plant would smell. Others apparently worried about a loss in area home values. Another person, who dropped off a letter at the mayor’s office, claims “crime would increase because of the caliber of employees the plant would bring in.”

Frankly, the opposition to the plant smells worse to us than the plant would have smelled had Tremonton accepted this opportunity. The city should have worked to accept Yosemite Meats’ offer. It would have created much-needed jobs to Tremonton and added revenue to the city. Rather than killing the offer before it was put on a meeting agenda, perhaps the city could have negotiated with the company to make sure the jobs were filled locally and that the company’s compensation to its workers would be fair.

There is dignity in an honest day’s work, and the plant would have provided Tremonton and area residents honest work. Unfortunately, that offer has gone away, and the La-Z-Boy building will remain empty and free of employees.

Some other city — more sincere about adding jobs than Tremonton — will get the jobs that Yosemite Meats offered.

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