Police nab suspect in theft of Utah Girl Scouts' cookie money

Mar 19 2013 - 4:51pm


Steven Andrew Kvenvold (Police photo)
Kayla Long (Police photo)
Steven Andrew Kvenvold (Police photo)
Kayla Long (Police photo)


SALT LAKE CITY -- Police say they've identified two people suspected of stealing cookie money from a Girl Scout troop over the weekend, and one of them is in custody.

Unified Police say Steven Andrew Kvenvold and Kayla Long, both 24, are suspected in the theft outside a Taylorsville Wal-Mart.

Police say members of Troop 2532 were selling cookies at a stand outside the store on Saturday when a man approached them and acted as if he was going to buy cookies but instead stole a cash box and fled in a car driven by a woman.

Police are searching for Kvenvold, who they believe grabbed the money.

Detective Levi Hughes says police believe Long was his accomplice. She has been arrested and is being held at the Salt Lake County Jail.


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