Church ignores economic wreckage after illegals' amnesty

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:12 AM

Vicki Martin


Regarding the Standard’s editorial of March 17, “Uchtdorf right on immigration,” Uchtdorf demands compassion for foreigners entering America illegally, stealing children’s IDs (50,000-plus in Utah), then stealing jobs from our youth, vets, disabled, minority, low educated workers——three crimes.

Uchtdorf’s 12-20 million illegal protegees suck up $213 billion yearly in American social services (Utah’s share is $453 million) while Hispanics (the greatest proportion of illegals) send over $300 billion outside the U.S. Economist George Borjas reported immigrant competition yearly reduced each American worker salary 4 percent ($1,700). Job growth between 2000-2004 went to immigrants (Northeastern University).

Christ enjoined his followers to be personally compassionate and obedient to governmental authority. Romans 13, teaches civil authorities have obligations to protect innocents and punish criminals. Our government rewards criminals with citizenship and welfare and victimizes innocent citizenry. In 50-plus years, ignoring illegal immigration enforcement (intermittent amnesties always adding yet more illegal entrants) we gained a Hispanic demographic that has highest high school dropout rate, three times the unmarried birth rate, and 3.45 times higher incarcerations than whites (Heather McDonald “Illegal Immigration’s Family Breakdown”). The Congressional Budget Office estimates legalizing 12 million uneducated low-earning workers will cost an additional $48.6 billion in health care from 2014-2019. Our own low-skill workers can kiss 8 million jobs goodbye.

Uchtdorf’s “compassion” doesn’t include the mainly Hispanic victims of trans-national gangs like MS-13 or 25 Americans killed by illegals daily, etc. (General Accounting Office).

Worldwide, Mormon membership exceeds 25 percent Hispanic. LDS general authorities sit in their skyscraper offices like prohibition speak-easy patrons engendering the Mafia. Authorities shrug off illegals as neglecting unimportant paperwork ignoring the wreckage already following.

If LDS values obedience to law (as President Monson is reported to have counseled East German members), why do illegals filling ward pews have access to all church benefits--employment offices, bishop storehouses, etc? How did the illegal alien bishops Uchtdorf wants legalized, get callings without “. . . .obeying, honoring, sustaining the law” in TR interviews? Utchdorf’s amnesty never mentions justice.

Alma 42:25 states: “What, do ye suppose that mercy can rob justice? I say unto you, Nay, not one whit. If so, God would cease to be God.”

Vicki Martin


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