Construction on Layton public trail begins with approval from city officials

Mar 27 2013 - 12:11am


LAYTON -- Work on a new trail linking hotels and the Davis County Conference Center with the mall, restaurants and theaters was expected to begin this week.

City officials approved two separate components of a public walkway at approximately 825 W. Heritage Park Blvd. at a recent meeting, clearing the way for construction of the urban trailway. The measures include a utility easement from Koll/Per Woodland LLC to the city to allow power and water connections and various park improvements on private property at 1544 N. Woodland Park Drive. It also establishes the terms of a public access easement.

The project includes construction of a sidewalk, light fixtures, landscaping, landscape irrigation, bridges and one entry node around a detention basin on 2 acres of land west of the Hilton Home 2 Suites and east of the Best Western Hotel. The project is the first phase of construction for a new park area and urban walkway.

A trail will be built around the basin and will link to the conference center. The area will also have lighting around the perimeter

Scott Cater, a special projects manager for the city, said work on the project could be completed by mid to late June.

In approving the project earlier this year, county officials touted the ability of the trail to give visitors an opportunity to walk the city.

After completing the walkway around the detention basin, Kent Sulser, the county's director of community and economic development, said he envisions the group taking the trail further west in the direction of movie theaters in the area.

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