Seniors 'paid dearly' for Social Security benefits

Mar 26 2013 - 1:35pm


The writers of the March 25, Thumbs up, thumbs down" editorial, I'm willing to bet are nowhere near retirement age. Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements. I had a small business in southern California for 20 years. I made a slightly above average income. I paid into Social Security every quarter. The checks were always in the mid-four-figure range every quarter.

If the politicians would have kept their hands off of that money it would be self-supporting. It galls me when some one calls these an entitlement. If I had the chance to invest the money myself, I would be on a beach in the Caribbean right now instead of being in Utah. I don't live high on the hog here. I have a very simple life. It's all I can afford and yes, Medicare did save my life when I had cancer back in 2008.

I feel insulted when some one calls my benefits an entitlement----I paid dearly for them. The next thing we know, the writers will be calling military retirement benefits an entitlement. 

The only thing wrong with Social Security and Medicare benefits is that they are being administered by a bunch of unqualified bureaucrats. By the way, I am 72 years old; I have had a full-time job since I was 15. At times, I worked two jobs. Don't insult us seniors by calling Social Security an entitlement. 

James Richard Middleton


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