Athletes, stay at your school

Apr 1 2013 - 10:20am


Home field advantage
Home field advantage

When it comes to high schools and athletes, we have a simple solution: play at the high school that is within your boundaries. It makes no sense for the Davis School Board to approve a policy request that ninth-grade athletes be allowed to play at high schools outside of their boundaries. At this level, a teen's education is far more important than positioning a teen athlete to a high school sports team.

Frankly, we don't like the idea of high school students, at any grade level, being allowed to play sports at schools outside their home boundaries. It leads to ludicrous situations, where state champion schools field teams that have a majority of players living outside of the boundaries of their "school." 

Currently, the Davis district allows ninth-graders to play at another high school if the athlete has parents working at the other school. One proposal, from the district's ninth-grade participation committee, will eliminate that exception. The other proposal, from a parents' group, extends the exception to all ninth-grade athletes.

The district will make a decision in April. It needs to completely remove the exception for ninth-graders. There are other arguments to not having teens hop-scotching to another school. Fairness should dictate that students compete at their school. Not doing that can lessen the sense of community and result in less community interest in high school athletics. 

But the primary reason remains that, at this stage of a young person's life, particularly ninth-grade, where a student plays sports is not a high priority.


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