Hog processing plant would be permanent

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:31 AM

Kristina Sorensen


Many, including the editorial board at the Standard-Examiner seem to believe the citizens in Tremonton are short-sighted and uneducated and should act with desperation (March 17, Our view: “Tremonton turns away jobs”). New jobs would be welcome in any community, not just Tremonton. Yes, we have felt the impact from the ATK layoffs. Many fail to realize that the ATK location near Tremonton employs people from Ogden, Brigham City, Cache County, Idaho and Clearfield. Those losing their jobs at ATK would be unlikely to drive to Tremonton to work at a hog processing plant.

Many comments from the outside seem to be under the impression that a hog processing plant would replace ATK jobs. The area has seen jobs come in since La-Z-Boy closed; Millard, Procter & Gamble, and West Liberty, Nucor is hiring. Autoliv has jobs. Things are getting better, but desperate times do not always call for desperate measures.

Saying yes to a hog processing plant is like a marriage, to death do we part. I am not for or against a hog processing plant, but if the majority of the community is against it, I support the sentiment because this is my community and once we commit, there is no turning back.

People from the outside are criticizing the citizens for their lack of common sense; maybe they should be applauding them for their fortitude for doing what will be good for their community in the long run, and not marrying the first guy that comes along just because times are tough now.

If people don’t appreciate the sentiments of the Tremonton/Garland community and feel they know better, even though they may never have visited our community, then they shouldn’t move here.

Kristina Sorensen


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