Practice these fun jokes to become a real prankster

Apr 1 2013 - 9:28am


April Fools' Day is here! The question that many of you are asking yourselves is what prank to play on those around you?

Here are some ideas of practical jokes to pull, ranked in order of low, medium and high intensity.


* Tape a piece of paper over the laser underneath your friend's computer mouse. The paper will block the light of the laser and no matter how much your friend moves the mouse around, the cursor on the screen will not budge. All you have to do is watch and try not to laugh as your friend swerves the mouse around frantically and checks to make sure everything is plugged in right.

* Place plastic wrap across a doorway so that your target will try to no avail to walk through it.


* Place a drop of food coloring in the middle of someone's tooth brush. Let's just say their teeth won't become pearly white.

* Put the desired amount of Kool-Aid (or food coloring) inside of a shower head so that when your target takes a shower, the water will turn a weird color.


* Grab someone's stapler, or other object, and put it in a mold. Mix up some Jell-O and pour it in the mold; let it set up in the refrigerator. When finished, put the item back on that special someone's desk.

* If you have a sink that allows you to hold the button down and spray water, put clear tape on the handle so it holds down the spray function. When someone turns the water on, it will spray all over them.

* Cover a toilet seat with plastic wrap.

* Put cream cheese on the top of a deodorant stick.

Sarah Stratford is a junior at Davis High School. Her hobbies are many and varied. Email her at

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