'Junction City' muddies our recreation image

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:30 AM

Jennie Atagi


I work with students at a junior high. The teachers and I encourage the students to use the newspaper for assignments. I conducted an informal quiz today with my students. I asked them if they knew where Junction City was located. Most didn’t know. Others guessed anywhere from California to the movie theater downtown.

I realize that Ogden has a rich past as Junction City long ago. But the newspaper is not a history book.

The paper gave the mayor a thumbs up for marketing Ogden as a cycling city during a trip to Taiwan. I’m sure that the mayor is promoting Ogden, not Junction City. Ogden, not Junction City, is a great place to come for all kinds of recreation. The use of Junction City only muddies the water for not only the community but for tourists who want to come to Ogden for the recreation mecca that it is. Ogden is alive and well, Junction City should be an infrequent reference.

Let it go!

Jennie Atagi


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