Richfield fifth-grader suspended for bringing stolen handgun to school

Apr 5 2013 - 5:15pm

RICHFIELD -- Police say a fifth-grade student in Sevier County has been suspended and is facing criminal charges for bringing a stolen handgun to school in a backpack.

Richfield City police say in a statement that the school principal at Pahvant Elementary confiscated the gun on Tuesday.

Sevier School District Superintendent Myron Mickelsen told The Salt Lake Tribune that another student reported the gun to school administrators.

Police say the gun was stolen from a family friend on Monday night. The student's parents and the owner of the gun were not aware of the theft.

Officials say the student has been charged with stealing a firearm and bringing it on school grounds.

The student has been suspended for 10 days and will face an expulsion hearing after that time.


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