Tragedies involving Stewart, Fujimoto were avoidable

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:36 AM

Debbie Patterson


Call me the Devils advocate but there are some cases in the news lately that have unbelievably bothered me. The first case regards Matthew Stewart. Imagine being asleep in your house at night and being awakened by shouting and doors being kicked in and mass confusion. The first thing anybody would do is defend themselves. Imagine how different the outcome could have been had they not approached the situation in this aggressive manner. I am truly sorry that a cop was killed, but maybe we should put the blame where it is due.

Matthew Stewart was put in this unbelievable situation trying to defend himself and now faces the harsh reality. Was it necessary to barge in like that? Many lives were altered that day, including his. He will never get a fair trial in Utah. It makes me sick (April 4, “Judge rejects claim death penalty is unconstitutional”).

The second case is the Pineview boating accident that took the life of Esther Fujimoto (April 1, “Civil suit on swimmer’s death to address her alleged near-misses”). This was a tragedy for all involved. Had she been in an area designated for swimming the encounter would never have happened. I have read that she was notorious for swimming out of bounds. Boundaries are put in place for a reason. If you swim where boats are allowed, the consequences can only be bad. Should the three young men have handled it differently? Of course, but this would not have happened if she had been swimming where it was safe. I don’t feel like these three young men deserve to be in jail. This was not intentional, and she put herself in harms way. It sounds cruel to place the blame on her, which is not what I am trying to do, but she is partly responsible and put herself at risk. It is very unfortunate for all involved. She lost her life but they will live with this forever. These cases should serve as wake up calls for all concerned. Pay attention to rules. Do away with excessive force unless absolutely necessary. Most tragedies are avoidable.

Debbie Patterson


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