Coincidences connect significant world events

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:33 AM

Howard Ratcliffe


April 12 is the anniversary of the cerebral hemorrhage that instantly killed the 32nd U.S. president and 32-degree Freemason, Franklin D. Roosevelt in the resort in Warm Springs, Georgia, he referred to as “Little White House.” The same day, 33-degree Shriner Freemason, Harry Truman was sworn In at the real “White House” as America’s 33rd president.

Truman presided over the atomic bomb detonations on Japan under 33 degree Mason Emperor Hirohito, the United Nations, NSA, state of Israel and the Korean War. In 1948 Truman said “FDR would not have done it.” Done what? Drop the atomic bomb? Divide North and South Korea? Create the U.N.? Recognize the state of Israel?

FDR sent a letter on April 5, 1945 to Grand Orient Lodge Mason Ibn Saud, the King of Saudi Arabia. He wrote, “Your Majesty, I will take not action as Chief Executive hostile to the Arab people.”

One week later FDR was dead and three years later the state of Israel was formally recognized. Sixty years later, 32-degree Prince Hall Mason Barack Obama bowed to Ibn Saud’s son, Saudi King Abdullah, Emperor Hirohito’s son Akahito, and proclaimed “A new beginning for Islam” in Cairo.

Jesus was 33 at his crucifixion; 33-degree masons are “sovereign” meaning “no higher rank.” Thirty-three-degree Freemason John Kerry arrives in Seoul April 12, some two days after the deadline for which Kim John Un warned embassies in North Korea would not be protected. It is also the eve of Holocaust Day. The year 2013 is 60 years after the Korean War Armistice temporarily halted the first war fought by the U.N.

Better hold on to your hats folks!

Howard Ratcliffe


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