Sex with the same sex serves no purpose

Apr 10 2013 - 6:01pm


Hopefully, America will stay on the straight and narrow path leading to our heavenly father. Biblical history indicates the consequences when God is removed from our society and we make decisions without him at the center.

Homosexuals should not be married. Marriage is a sacred covenant which was created by God and only intended to be for a man and a woman, establishing the process for procreation.

Homosexuality is not normal, or natural. Our personal body parts were not created for man to have sex with man, or woman to have sex with woman. Having sex with the same sex is just wrong. There is nothing right about it. It serves no purpose.

Jeremy Irons, when interviewed by the Huffington Post asked an interesting question, "Can a father marry his son?" The response was "No, that would be incest." Jeremy responded, "No, incest can only be when opposite sexes are together."

So, are we opening a Pandora's box?

Once homosexuals can marry, where does it end? Can family members marry? Can we have more than one spouse? Can we marry animals?

The homosexual agenda is to tear the family apart. Satan's plan is to destroy the family as God has intended it to be. What better way than through same-sex marriage. 

We should love the sinner, but we don't condone the sinner's behavior. Just as when our child misbehaves, we still love our child, but we don't turn a blind eye to the bad behavior. 

We were all born with free agency; we can choose right or wrong, good or evil. In the end, God will be our judge.

Linda Baird


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