Too many tennis scholarships go to foreigners

Apr 10 2013 - 12:12pm


As kids are graduating this spring and getting ready to go to colleges in the fall, I would like to know why so many state and local college coaches are  giving the  tennis scholarships that are available to foreigners?  The colleges are bringing in foreign players, who have been playing pro tennis in their countries for two to three years, to take the place of our young kids who have just graduated from high school and are eager for a chance to  play college tennis.  

Most kids start practicing and taking lessons when they are around eight years old, with hopes of someday being able to play college tennis. It seems that only a very few achieve that goal, because the teams are full of foreign players who take all the scholarships.  It doesn't seem right that the American people spend thousands of dollars on lessons, equipment, tournaments, etc., yet their kids are passed over for players who have put no money into the U.S. and are brought over here to enjoy four years of free school and tennis. Our college tennis should not be a world class sport, but it should be available to our own kids so they have a chance to develop into future pro players, while getting an education.   

European soccer and Japanese baseball have quotas for foreign players.  Shouldn't college tennis teams have quotas, too?  If college scholarships aren't going to be available for our young high school graduates, they should not be led into thinking that with hard work and practice, they may be chosen for a college tennis scholarship in the U.S.  One foreign player per team is fine and helps International good will, and also is a nice broadening experience for the guys on the team; but six foreign players on a team is wrong and should not be allowed. It's time for a revolt and a change. 

Janet Thompson


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