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As useful as recording a lecture or conversation may be, keeping voice recordings can turn into a serious pain. Capture Audio tries to take some of the pain out of recording by letting users mark important points in the recording while they’re taking it or while they’re listening to it.

On conference calls, for example, you can mark the point where your group made a big decision, so you can get the quote just right for the minutes. Or you can listen later and identify

Users can organize their recordings into notebooks, making it that much easier for you to find exactly the right moment in a long recording.

The app also lets you back up and share files with other Capture Audio users or through iTunes. Discounted temporarily to 99 cents, normally $1.99, for iOS devices.

Q: Please explain the difference between medium-grain and long- or extra-long-grain rice. I have a recipe that calls for medium grain, and I actually had a bit of a hard time trying to find it.

A: Think of short-, medium- and long-grain rice in Goldilocksian terms of degrees. Medium grains are the length in between, not as starchy as the short grains (which include the risotto and glutinous varieties) but sticky enough to clump together when it’s cooled, unlike the long and slender grains. Medium-grain rice is fairly moist. Goya makes it, as do a few Asian manufacturers. Maybe it’s harder to find because it’s not always labeled specifically as “medium-grain.”

Some helpful kitchen tips:

• For even results, slice decorative goat-cheese rounds from a log by using a piece of dental floss pulled taut between your hands.

• Use a wooden skewer to clean out the nooks and crannies of kitchen appliances like a stand mixer or food processor. Wrap a damp cloth around the tip to tackle sticky corners.

• After working with fresh chilies like jalapenos or serranos, press your fingertips into the cut end of a halved lime to tame the oils that can lead to a burning sensation.

• When a recipe calls for a buttered baking dish, use a pastry brush for less mess and to distribute the butter evenly.

— Standard-Examiner

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