Present gun-control laws not always enforced

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:38 AM

Kay Combe


There are ample gun control laws already in place, by both states and the federal government. They have not been enforced over the years. If they were good laws,why are they not enforced? If they were not good laws, why were they passed? Oft repeated, criminals will not apply for a gun permit, risking a background check. Persons with mental disabilities do not know they need to apply for a gun permit. Passing new gun control laws only restrict the law abiding. I don’t like it.

Along the same thinking, we have had workable immigration laws for many years—not enforced. Persons who come across our borders sans permits or visas are committing a crime. Why do politicians think that persons living in our country illegally, will expose themselves to law enforcement if new laws are passed. I have never understood passing laws that are supposedly effective and proper, and not enforcing them.

Kay Combe

Pleasant View

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