Sidewalk and road repairs not guaranteed for senior community

Apr 16 2013 - 5:56pm


FARR WEST -- The cracked and raised sidewalks and roads in the senior community of Westwood Village have yet to be repaired. Residents there can only hope repairs will be complete this spring.

"I have seen contractors there to take bids, but no work has begun," said Richard Robinson, tenant and president of the Westwood Village Home Owners Association, a group of 350 manufactured homes at 1111 N. 2000 West, Farr West.

"The promise is they would do 10 to 12 driveways this year and repair the roads, then have all of (the driveways) repaired by 2015," Robinson said of Chicago-based Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc., owners and managers of the property.

If the company fails to respond to the association's request, Robinson said he has a backup plan. Having recently bought several shares of company stock at $80 each, Robinson said, he plans to attend a company shareholder's meeting scheduled for May in Chicago.

Should he need to, Robinson said, at that meeting he will share with other shareholders the problems the 400 seniors living in Westwood Village are encountering.

Being a shareholder will prevent the company from barring him from the meeting, he said.

But an official with Equity Lifestyle Properties said their company has already made some repairs to the park.

"We remain committed to those issues addressed," said Pat Zamora, spokeswoman for Equity Lifestyle Properties.

Work crews have encountered some weather delays, but seven driveways in the senior community have already been repaired, Zamora said. The company remains "on track" in responding to the concerns shared by the Westwood Village Homeowners Association, Zamora said.

But Robinson disputes those claims.

"There hasn't been any work done in here," Robinson said, referring to the park.

However, Robinson said regional representatives of the company had contacted him and indicated they would be visiting the park soon.

In Westwood Village there is a 4- to 5-inch lip on some of the cracked sidewalks and driveways, posing a risk to the safety of those living there, he said. The damage jeopardizes the safety of some park residents, particularly those who, because of ill health and physical limitations, get around the park only with the use of a walker.

It is the responsibility of the company managing the property to provide site maintenance as it relates to their manufactured-home site rental agreement, he said.

Robinson complained to the company about the park conditions by letter and phone in December 2012, initially receiving no response.

It wasn't until he made his complaints public, sharing them with the Standard-Examiner, that officials from the Chicago company contacted him and visited the site earlier this year to speak with association members.

According to park records, the average age of the residents of Westwood Village is 73.

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