Cops shooting people makes reader feel less safe

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:47 AM

Paul Sottosanti


Regarding the April 2 news story, “Man killed in Willard after incident with police,” I think the original story was that the police were following the man from Centerville to Willard. The police couldn’t get into position to pull him over. I guess Utah hasn’t learned about “road blocks.” Apparently, it wasn’t a high speed chase. I guess Kaysville couldn’t afford the gas for their mini-tank (BearCat) they just bought. Surely, that tank could have gotten into any position needed to stop a tin-can car. I must be reminded to stay out of that rough Kaysville township.

When the police were finally able to get into position to stop the car they were pursuing,the driver was very angry and using bad language. The police then used a stun-gun on him. The stun-gun had no effect. The man kept up his verbal assault. As he spoke, the man was waving his hands and arms as he yelled. The police said the man had no weapon——not even a toe-nail clipper, but they shot him dead.

The next day, it was stated at the new conference, “The man came out of the bush acting like a maniac. The officer felt he was in danger, so he shot him.”

How many police cars were involved in the chase? I can’t believe it took 15 or 20 miles to get “into position” to stop a car that wasn’t even speeding.

How many cops does it take to take down a maniac? The truth seems to be no one wanted to get bruised, so they shot the guy. I didn’t see any brush at the exit where this all took place. Why didn’t the stun-gun stop the man? I am sure there was more than one gun at the scene.

I really feel less safe every time a cop thinks he is being threatened and the other guy ends up dead.

What citizen is going to call the police to report anything when there is a good chance he or she might get fatally hurt?

Something stinks about this whole story.

Paul M. Sottosanti


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