Hatch cares about symbols, not citizens

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:50 AM

Norman McCrary


Senator Hatch has spent the last few years trying to get a constitutional amendment passed to protect our flag from destruction by individuals. This is noble of him. He has been willing to discuss and debate this proposal without hesitation.

This month he had a chance to debate the “gun control” bill in the Senate but he voted against this debate, showing a real lack of leadership or standing behind his beliefs. A few days later he voted to kill the “gun control” bill. This bill, among other things, would have protected our citizens by including background checks on criminals, terrorists and the mentally handicapped before they could purchase a weapon. It was in no way a violation of the 2nd Amendment as the NRA’s mistatements of the truth tried to get us to believe. The bill was supported by up to 90 percent of our citizens.

It appears Senator Hatch is more dedicated to protecting our symbol than our citizens.

Norman B. Mc Crary


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