Stats about Utah and suicide 'convoluted'

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:50 AM

Kaydell Bowles


I read the front page “Stats in Utah linked to suicide” and then wondered how and where someone could come up with the stats to make such conclusion. I further read that this study was authored by a sociology professor at the University of California—Riverside. This professor calculated for each state the overall suicide rate, percentage of household firearms, and percentage of votes cast for President Bush. So, it makes it true that gun ownership, and conservatism contribute to Utah’s high rate.

I just added up attacks on America and America citizens world-wide since the attacks began, and have concluded that all Muslims are terrorists. So it makes it true that Muslims are terrorists.

Let it be said that “stats do not lie but liars and political professors do use convoluted statistics albeit to further their own adgendas.”

I also suggest that this headline should have appeared in the opinion page instead of a front headline in the Standard-Examiner.

Kaydell Boweles

Brigham City

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