Media hype invites more bomb threats

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:53 AM

John Burton


I believe it is nothing to wonder about, as to why there are always “copycat bombers and shooters” in sports and in schools. For the last week, since the Boston Marathon bombing, the news media and just about every so-called “social media” have been bombed, pun intended, with really graphic and vivid descriptions of everything that has happened (April 24, "Bomb threats the new normal?").

On Facebook, for example, the users home pages have been totally dominated by the NBC news feed, of which the user has absolutely no way of blocking! So the users, young or old, has this directly in their faces 24/7. And, today still we are still hearing more and more of the Newtown Conn. shooting.

Mash young brains with all of this in-their-faces reporting, and then we wonder where these people get the ideas to get their own attention in the news!

John Burton


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