Utah fighting efforts to put sage grouse on endangered list

Apr 25 2013 - 10:34am


Male sage grouse
Male sage grouse


SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah has come up with its own plan to protect the sage grouse.

The state's plan, released Wednesday, aims to invite those birds back by restoring sage brush burned up by wildfires and overtaken by juniper.

The plan comes as federal officials are considering naming the birds an endangered species.

But Utah Public Lands Director Kathleen Clarke says the "endangered" label would impose a costly and burdensome slew of regulations on Utah.

Others contend it would disrupt the state's oil, gas, and mining industries, among others.

Biologists say the bird has lost 90 percent of its historic habitat.

Wildfires, invasive plants and humans have driven the birds from their canyon homes in a number of western states.

The birds sport singular features resembling a white shawl and black spikey plumes.


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