Judge dismisses sex abuse claim against worker at juvenile facility

Apr 26 2013 - 10:24pm



FARMINGTON -- A judge dismissed a charge of forcible sexual abuse against a woman who worked at a residential treatment program for juvenile sex offenders.

Judge Robert Dale recently dismissed the second-degree felony against Becky Evans, who worked at Youth Health Associates.

She had been accused of having a 16-year-old boy "touch her breasts and genitals, skin to skin," according to court documents that were filed on March 1, 2012. The boy said the incidents occurred from October to December 2011.

Deputy Davis County Attorney Cristina Ortega said the reason the charge was dismissed was because the boy refused to testify.

Defense attorney Mark Moffat said Evans has maintained her innocence and that the boy had been the aggressor.

The teen "had been committed to the YHA facility for treatment for sexual offenses he committed against a minor," according to the document.

The defense claimed in a motion filed in 2012 that Evans was made aware of the boy's history of aggression, impulsive behavior and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the behavior of the boy may have led to the accusations.

Moffat said in court that the boy knew, if Evans filed a complaint against him, he would end up in a prison for youths, which is one step above the residential facility.

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