Beauty pageant popularity not important news

Thursday , March 06, 2014 - 11:56 AM

Laurel Gaskill


Really, staff of Ogden Standard? You can’t find a more newsworthy subject than how beauty pageants are being affected by the increasing numbers of young women leaving on LDS missions? (April 28, “Pageant popularity wanes”). There is much happening outside of the teenage community in Ogden. How about giving us some real news? Utah is a wasteland of do-nothing elected officials, or ones who are doing too much for their special interest groups. How about some intelligent investigations to tell us what is going on in areas that impact our lives?

Many people are in need, suffering because they have insufficient health coverage, are out of work, or do not have enough income to support their families, and the Standard gives us the news that beauty pageants might be cancelled?

The paper might consider hiring some bright journalism graduates to give its staff a broader point of view.

Laurel Gaskill

South Weber

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