Ogden district paid a paltry $99k for incompetence

Apr 30 2013 - 3:42pm



News today is that the lawsuit against the Ogden School District was settled with the district paying a measly $99,000 for their utter indifference toward a child trusted to their care (April 30, "Ogden School District lawsuit settled for $99K"). I wish to highlight the response from District Spokesperson Donna Corby, "On behalf of the Ogden School District, we would like to extend our sympathy and condolences to the family. Our thoughts and prayers are still with them."  What a comment, Donna Corby.   

As an Ogden taxpayer I am really interested to know how much I pay you to compose these kinds of statements. Where is the responsibility, the accountability? Isn't this the district that's always pushing for teacher accountability through more and more tests, observations, in-service trainings? For me, at least, this story illustrates in bold, the district's absolute incompetence. Check other examples, on a different scale, the district's rate on students who enter and complete degrees at colleges or  universities. This would make a great story for the Standard-Examiner.   

Please check also, their pass rates on AP exams. How do the Ogden district numbers compare to other area schools? This tragic, appalling story exemplifies an incompetence that runs deeply and manifests in varied ways.

I am quite certain that the family, Ms. Corby, does not need nor desire your prayers.

Alice McCarthy




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