Seniors need help, but others should help themselves

Apr 30 2013 - 3:58pm


As I was reading an article of April 30, "FAA furlough reversal leaves other cuts in place," and I was appalled to see that four million meals would be cut for seniors under the sequestration. How can Congress think it is a good idea to starve the very people who made America great? The lack of respect that is being shown to America's seniors is outraging! The article also stated that 70,000 children would be taken off the Head Start program and 125,000 fewer vouchers would be issued to "poor" families for rental and housing assistance. 

In my opinion, seniors who are living on a very minimal income that our country calls Social Security should in no way be compared to the latter programs being cut. My husband and I paid for our kids to go to preschool and if we were unable to do so, we would have taken on the responsibility of teaching them their ABC's and how to count to 10. I don't understand how it is "expected" to be the responsibility of America's taxpayers to teach these children the basics of life and prepare them for Kindergarten; it should rest on the responsibility of the parents. I understand that a lot of families come on hard times and they deserve the help to get back on their feet. The problem is that a lot of them aren't willing to help themselves once they receive the assistance; they don't strive to do any better because then they will have to pay more rent out of their pocket or their food stamps are reduced. Therefore, they quit their jobs, get the assistance they feel they deserve, then of course receive the Earned Income Credit and get thousands of dollars in tax refunds, all the while still receiving government assistance. I just don't see how the government can give so much to those who are not willing to help themselves and starve the ones who really need the help. It is not right!

Brandy Smith



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