Fees waived to reserve Pleasant View bowery

May 2 2013 - 12:41pm


PLEASANT VIEW -- Fees for reserving the bowery at Shady Lane Park have been waved until further notice.

City Recorder Laurie Hellstrom said the council agreed to wave the fees but those wanting to reserve the bowery still need to do so with the city.

The fees are waived due to upcoming construction at the Shady Lane Park and on 600 West as the city undertakes a revamp of the area with renovations at the park and a widening of Shady Lane.

Hellstrom said the fee is normally $25 for residents and $35 for non-residents to reserve the bowery. She said those reserving it for the rest of this year will need to know they are taking their chances on the construction progress at the park and on the road.

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