Layton makes zoning change for animal clinic

May 2 2013 - 12:06pm


LAYTON -- City leaders have approved changes to a zoning ordinance, which will allow the location of a new animal clinic and pet hospital in a CP-1 (neighborhood commercial) zone at 1014 West Gentile St.

The change allows adding an animal clinic or pet hospital to be considered as a conditional use in the zone. It comes at the request of Sean Hackett who owns a commercial building on Gentile Street and has been approached about a pet facility in the structure.

Properties in a CP-1 zone are usually located within close proximity to residential neighborhoods, according to Bill Wright, director of community and economic development. He said allowing a conditional use for the facilities, not a permitted use, still gives local authorities some say in establishing parameters for conditional use in the facility.

There are conditions already linked to the location of the facility, according to Wright, including conditions that do not allow any outdoor board of animals and limited indoor boarding to animals receiving treatment. The conditions also include noise attenuation guidelines.

The council approved the zoning change by a unanimous vote after a public hearing on the matter drew no public response.

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