Violent, gory TV shows further degrade society

May 2 2013 - 6:01pm


My thanks to KSL managers who decided to pull "Hannibal" from their TV tableau, for "increasingly (violent) graphic and extremely gory" depiction (May 2, "KSL-TV pulls 'Hannibal' TV show for violence"). Also, thanks for pulling "The New Normal" (far from normal) for its depiction of deviant behavior.

It is a sad commentary on viewers who find entertainment in shows depicting violence, murder, lawlessness, deviance, and other forms of aberrant behavior. Is it any wonder that these venues find their way into the behaviors and acts of unstable persons?

Some in the entertainment (?) industry are doing increasing societal and cultural damage to the values and virtues that made our country and western culture the best the world has known to date, all in the interest of greed.

John A. Triplett




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