Council expands Own in Ogden to help teachers, school administrators

May 8 2013 - 11:45pm


OGDEN -- The city is expanding its "Own in Ogden" program to allow more people to receive down-payment help on home loans.

The city council voted Tuesday night to change the city's Own in Ogden Down Payment Assistance Program to add teachers and school administrators to the list of public employees who qualify for increased down-payment assistance within the program.

The program was created to assist potential homeowners with a zero-interest down-payment assistance of $5,000 for the purchase of a home in the east-central area of Ogden and $3,000 in other areas of the city.

The program also includes increased assistance of $10,000 for income-qualified police officers and firefighters who purchase a home in the Own in Ogden target area.

The new amendment to the program provides to teachers and administrators the same $10,000 down-payment assistance benefit.

Ward Ogden, deputy community development director, said to qualify, a teacher or administrator must work full time, be state-certified and work in Ogden School District.

Repayment of the loan is required under the program when the owner sells or is no longer the principal resident of the property.

Ogden said teachers and the other public servants who qualify for the higher assistance in the program typically have moderate incomes but have a direct impact on the quality of life in central Ogden.

Own in Ogden has been in operation since 1988 and has used more than $3.5 million to assist in the purchase of approximately 1,500 homes.

The city will also make changes to the Home Exterior Loan Program, which assists homeowners in the east-central community with exterior home repairs.

Ogden said the program is underutilized and the city will extend the reach of the program to include all of Ogden, not just its east-central area.

In the east-central area, the program will also be open to nonowner-occupied residents.

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