Librarians teach students to do quality research

May 10 2013 - 4:40pm


I was distressed to hear about the firing of the library media specialists in the Ogden School District. As a university librarian, I am concerned that students in the schools in this district will not learn the information skills that are needed to be successful college students. It is not uncommon at the reference desk at my library to work with students who have no idea how to find a book or articles to support the research papers they have written.  Yes, they write the papers before conducting any research.  

Several years ago, due to the fact that there are so few certified library teachers, I began a project with several library media specialists to help them help the students in their schools learn essential library and information literacy skills. With the information explosion we are currently experiencing and the need of students to find high quality information sources, the firing of professionals who are trained in teaching information literacy and library skills seems ludicrous.  A great article about the importance of school libraries can be found at

JaNae Kinikin



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