Home schooling is another option

May 15 2013 - 1:21pm


I would like people in the area to know that there are a great number of home educators in Weber and Davis Counties. We have monthly meetings to support and befriend one another, to discuss and plan group events, curricula, organization, and how we educate our kids. We can get the curricula guidelines from the state online for free at, uen.org, or we can choose our own curriculum, and there are multiple curricula online. We give our kids great academic educations. 

Our kids do have many friends and are not socially behind public schooled kids. Our kids get to go on many fun learning adventures and even do fun large group events to learn and enjoy one another with lots of other kids and their parents. 

Home educated kids get more one on one attention in their own learning styles, and learning is more catered to each individual and to the family. Home educating moms do gain new stress when they begin home educating, but a lot of stress can now be eliminated. 

Home educating is legal in Utah, and in most states in the U.S. You can find out more about home educating in Utah at the web site of the Utah Home Education Association at www.uhea.org.

Lisa C. Jackson

Washington Terrace

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