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May 18 2013 - 10:48pm


If you've checked your Facebook timeline in the past day or so, you'll notice Facebook has added four new sections for music you like, movies and TV shows you've watched, as well as books you've read. You may have filled these in years ago -- and you'll be reminded of your selections now -- or you may have left them blank. In either case, it's time to update.

Your taste in entertainment says a lot about you and will now be seen by everyone who visits your profile. Did you inadvertently reveal your passion for boy bands and obsession with the A&E series "Hoarders"? Here's how to make adjustments so your Facebook first impression matches the one you want the world to see.

As with most things Facebook, the process of filling out the entertainment sections is complicated. On the surface, it appears pretty simple, but dive in and you'll be sorting entertainment by what you've already experienced, what you'd like to try in the future and who can see your selections.

Start with privacy

The new entertainment stack appears below your friend box. You can hide any of these boxes by choosing the edit tool that appears when you move your cursor into the box. Say you don't watch TV. Simply select "Hide section" from the edit drop-down menu. While you can hide a box from showing on your timeline, you can't delete it, which means the information could appear elsewhere.

You can also adjust who can see each section, which is set to public by default. Choose "Edit Privacy" and then use the drop-down box to select your audience, which can be set to the least visible audience "Only Me," or options that include all of your friends, as well as a specific group of friends via the "Custom" setting.


You may add music, movies, TV shows and books manually by using Facebook search or you can give permission for an app that you already use to automatically populate a section based on what you've listened to, watched or read. For instance, if you're a Spotify user, you can activate the app in the Music section and the songs, radio stations and playlists will be shown and updated as you use the app. Keep in mind that once you activate an app, it's impossible to undo it without deleting the app altogether.

For more control, you may want to add your selections one by one using Facebook Search. Facebook has included suggestions based on your friends' picks that can make the process less tedious. Hover over a photo in the suggested listing in each category to reveal a "+" sign to click and add to your section.

For each section, you can also choose songs, movies, TV shows and books that you'd like to enjoy at a future time (i.e. listen, watch or read later). Use the subheads that appear under the entertainment headings to navigate between past and future selections.

Reorder timeline

While going through this exercise, you'll discover Facebook lets you hide any of the apps that post automatically to your Timeline in their own boxes, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix.

You can also reorder the boxes. Hover over any entertainment or app box to show the edit tool, click to open and then select "Edit Sections." A window will open showing a list of the items displayed on your timeline. Check a box to display or uncheck one to hide from your timeline. Click and drag to reorder. You'll notice that the top three boxes -- About, Photos and Friends -- cannot be moved.

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