Riverdale repeals controversial discount ambulance policy

May 19 2013 - 9:42pm


RIVERDALE -- The Riverdale City Council has repealed a policy that allowed discounted ambulance transportation of city employees, elected officials, appointed officials and household family members.

According to the human resource policy, the city would only bill the insurance provider, if one exists, for the transportation fees and would accept insurance reimbursements as payment in full for the services.

The policy was originally approved in 2010 after discussion led by then-Councilwoman Shelly Jenkins and was a topic for city council candidates in the 2011 election.

According to an executive summary signed by the city administrator, attorney and treasurer included in recent city council documents, the deletion was meant to "create equality in policies and practices."

"I have had several people talk to me about this, saying it looked like it is inappropriate," said Mayor Bruce Burrows. "The administration recommends we get rid of an albatross."

The policy, passed Aug. 3, 2010, was retroactively used to reduce charges for a May 16, 2010, ambulance transport of Jenkins' family member.

Because Jenkins' $1,086.60 bill remained unpaid when the policy took effect, it was written off Sept. 1, 2010.

Councilman Alan Arnold was the only councilman to originally vote against the policy.

Arnold joined his fellow council members in a unanimous repeal of the policy.

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