Obama's health care will be a disaster

May 20 2013 - 1:41pm


Obama's healthcare will more than break this country; it will leave it vulnerable to control by whoever wants to take it over. Affordable health care under his rules is not possible.

I fail to understand how you can penalize a person/company and still expect someone who works for money less than it costs to live on to pay for what they cannot already buy. If you have no money for "affordable health care" while you are working, how does that work if they penalize you and take away more of your money?

A people under control of government, whether by onus of payments/penalities, etc. is easily controlled. Threaten to take away their help, they will do anything to retain it. Take away their ability to protect themselves and they have no recourse but to comply. That is not a democracy; it is socialism. The object is control.

I have seen my bills/living costs etc. rise steadily, but not my living economy. My share of the costs of meds has more than doubled. People who work have two or three jobs and cannot cope. Why are we still sending billions to other countries but can't afford to care for our own? The military is having its throat cut and we will soon not be able to protect ourselves.

 Who will feed us then? Yes, federal employment is down, guess where? The people who guard our borders, food inspectors, the people who make the arms and equipment for our soldiers, etc. Feel safer? I don't. Where do you work if there are no companies to work for because they have been put out of business?

 Some companies are trying to take away health benefits because they cannot afford Obamacare and are trying to put the burden on the employees;

but they are not giving back that portion of monies the person is paying now for insurance to help them attempt to pay for it. Secondary parts of families, i.e. wives and children are trying to have them excluded or paying a lot extra for them, etc. Get a grip people, wake up!

Cheryl Gardiner


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