If pool bond passes, will schools get priority?

May 21 2013 - 3:21pm


I have a child who swims  on a recreational, competitive swim team in the Ogden area. The team used to hold practices at the Ogden High School pool, but now practice is held at another facility because of the closing of the two school-operated pools. While practicing at the high school, the team was always having to rearrange their schedules to accommodate the high school teams. With the pool being operated by the school, it got "first dibs" on practice times, swim meets, etc. 

My question now, with the school board not supporting the pool and having that responsibility falling on the citizens, will those schools (Ogden High and Ben Lomond) still get scheduling preference over any and all other organization wanting to use the pool? Or, will it become the highest bidder that gets the best times? 

If the pool bond passes on June 25, then those pools become the ownership of the Ogden citizens. If those citizens want to hold lap swimming or water aerobics or any number of other things that can be offered at those pool, should those schools get to rearrange everyone else's schedules? I think not. The community needs to stand up and tell Mr. Brad Smith that "these pools are ours and you can rent them when it is convenient for us, not you." I am not against the schools swim teams. I was a high school swimmer myself. What I worry about is that if the school board doesn't want the responsibility of maintaining those pools, then they should have to schedule high school swim team practices and meets around the needs and wants of the community, and everyone else.

Dave Maltby


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