Utah needs an open primary election

May 21 2013 - 1:33pm



The Utah State Republican Party recently held the party convention and it was decided to retain the old format of electing the party candidates within that convention. The record of voter participation in this state is at or near the bottom of that of the rest of the country for voter participation.  

The main reason for the low-voter participation is that the state Republican Party, through the gerrymandering of all the different districts has essentially turned this state into a "communistic" state with one party controlling most of the ruling offices. There are no real reasons for the people to vote when their marks really mean nothing as to the outcome of the various elections. 

In order to change this to a true two-party system as all the other states are, there needs to be an open primary election that will allow all of the public to voice their opinion as to whom should run for the office in the various bodies. As it is now, the controlling party is the 200 pound gorilla that is keeping the participation in the primary elections at a low level and will remain there until a real change is put in place.

The people of the state of Utah could let their wishes be known only during the general election in which they can defeat the anointed candidate with the opposing candidate. That is the only way to change the party's majority power and even the checks and balances of the Legislature. Of course, the spin and half-truths of the ruling party will make that difficult, but it is still doable. The people still have the power to change the balance of power in this state.

Clifford Tornow



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