Reader pleased that Moroni is back in Ogden

May 24 2013 - 1:55pm


I am so happy that the Angel Moroni is back up on the Ogden Temple. It is a landmark for the entire city.

I love seeing the temple and the angel on top as I drive through Ogden. It is beautiful and inspiring. When I see it, I think of the LDS Church and all that it stands for. I am very excited for the temple to be finished. Having the Angel Moroni there again is a great start. 

It will be good for the people who live in the Ogden temple district to have their own temple again. I used to live in the temple district, but now live near Brigham City. It was and is such a great blessing to have the Brigham City Temple so close. I know that those in Ogden will be grateful when their temple is finished just as we in Brigham City are.

Sarah Shaw


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