Turn timers off and stop overwatering

May 24 2013 - 4:38pm


It recently rained over an inch and my neighbors continued to water. A reasonable and prudent person (with an ounce of commons sense) would know we live in a very dry state (alcoholic beverages not considered), the reservoirs are far below capacity, and if conservation measure aren't taken, we will run out of water this summer.

Rumor has it that at the May 28 Syracuse council meeting, city leaders will consider watering conservation ideas with many different ideas presented. Some of those ideas are: watering restrictions, trigger mechanisms (no we're not talking weapons here), possible fines. Councilman Craig Johnson wants the city to stress education without enforcement. 

The one solution that is gaining attention and momentum is to build an ark, that way Syracuse city leaders won't have to discuss, argue, disagree to agree, agree to disagree, contemplate, cajole, etc., on a solution to the present water shortage. Given the city leader's past history with decision making, does one really believe they can come up with a solution to this dilemma?

While our city leader discuss the possibilities, some of us will be flooded by our neighbors, who are clueless to the water shortage or too lazy to turn the timer off. Our city leaders' efforts would be better served helping to build the ark rather than arguing over a possible solution to a dire problem that should have been solved months ago. I plan on attending the city council meeting and I will solicit the Syracuse city mayor and council members volunteers for building the ark. It only makes common sense (kind of like turning off your water when it's rained a half an inch or two).

Ja Dee Huber


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