Standard-Examiner readers comment on Stewart suicide, police-shooting case

May 25 2013 - 12:07am


Matthew David Stewart
Matthew David Stewart

Here's what some Standard-Examiner Facebook readers had to say about the death of Matthew David Stewart from an apparent suicide. To join the conversation on this and other stories, like us at

"See, if Utah would have legalized marijuana this man would have never been targeted by their local law enforcement. There would not have been a "knock and enter" warrant for his arrest and six cops wouldn't have been shot and one cop would not be dead. What waste for Utah!"

-- Tammie Mueller

"I blame him for choosing to pick up a gun and shoot at cops by a factor of about 100-to-1 when compared to the effect that legalizing pot would have. And I would also think that legalizing pot AND "illegalizing" guns would reduce this type of violence and crime significantly. Stated another way, the "gun" thing is more of a factor than the "pot" thing. But those aren't this society's values just yet. Guns and Bibles are hard to argue with because those who cling to them as their salvation are typically not willing to look at evidence."

-- Mike Schmidt

"I've kept up in this story since it happened.I just don't see why marijuana led to killing cops. If you're gonna break the law be prepared to serve your time."

-- Maryann Archibald Jones

"So sad that his family believes their murdering, law-breaking son was treated unfairly. Don't want to sound callous but he has saved the state money on not having to prove him guilty and housing him in prison."

-- Cyndi S. Kudelka

"It wasn't so much the corruptness of the judicial system that he was likely worried about, it is likely the lack of corruptness in his attorneys that he lacked confidence in. Despite the debate on legalizing marijuana, which has its pros and cons for sure. Bottom line is, no one or nothing forced him to pick up a firearm and aim and shoot at another human being aside from himself. THAT is what he was supposed to face the system and answer for. In the end all the families involved have been drowned in tragedy."

-- Tom Evans

"God knows the whole story, and He will be the final judge for us all. May all the families involved rest in peace now. It is finished, sadly, but it is."

-- Judy Shiery

"The whole situation is Sad. God bless everyone involved. Let the healing begin."

-- Cathie McGregor Critchlow

"Matthew, my heart is breaking for you. My heart goes out to your father and family."

-- Brandi Ziegenhirt Wilding

"Now I wonder if his family will start asking for money for his funeral."

-- Mary Worden

"RIP Matthew, you are loved. I'm so sad for your parents for the loss of two sons now in less then a month. My heart goes out to you all."

-- Heather Larsen

"I am so sorry to hear this especially for his family! He was suffering and did not know how to deal with all the propaganda that hurt him!"

-- Anna M. Wilson

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