Old county courthouse to have limited access

Jun 4 2013 - 5:17pm


FARMINGTON -- Access to the old county courthouse will be even more limited than it has been since the county moved to its new facility across the parking lot.

A contract was recently approved by the county commission that will seal off portions of the old facility.

The commission approved a $3,450 contract with DAW Construction Group to install walls and do finishing work in five locations in the memorial courthouse.

The work will include installing three doors to limit access to portions of the old building, said Marshall Scott, Davis County facilities management director.

He said the changes will increase safety in the old courthouse and will save money. He estimates the work will take about three weeks to complete.

Pressed on how the county might save during the winter, when it still has to heat the building, Scott said the older portion of the building will be heated to a lesser degree than it would be if it were occupied.


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