Health care system suffers entanglements

Wednesday , June 05, 2013 - 5:24 PM

Carole Bell


I had to smile as I read Mark Saal’s column of Sunday, June 2, “Adventures in America’s busted health care system.” I have had the same experience several times, most recently in trying to see to a relative’s health care. My relative needed just a mammogram, then a second, then an appointment with a surgeon, then finally a surgical biopsy.

I must have fielded a minimum of 25 phone calls from the “referral service,” the hospital, the doctor’s office. Very often these calls conflicted. Finally, I said to the doctor’s office, “Does this supersede all other communications?” Once assured it did, I proceeded with their instructions, ignoring all other directives.

“It’s my decision to never again associate myself with this particular “service.”

Carole Bell


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