Humphrey's stand is hateful, unChristian

Jun 7 2013 - 4:30pm


Upon reading the June 5 front page article "Pastor resigns from Scout board," the following scenario came to my mind:  A little 11-year-old boy arrives at the church door. He knocks. The door opens and Neal Humphrey in his finest clerical dress appears. The boy looks up and asks, "Please sir, I would like to become a Boy Scout."  Humphrey folds his arms and with a scowl on his face thinks to himself "This boy may be a homosexual, I can't take the chance."  He says "no," turns and enters back into his dark sanctimonious hole and slams the door. The boy, with tears in his eyes, turns and walks away.

To use the excuse of endorsing sin then turn his back and walk away from his long-service to Scouting besmirches the very name of Jesus Christ, whom he claims to represent. This is not a principled stand to be respected, this is hateful and unChristian.

Whether a boy is gay or straight, sexual activity within the organization is against Scout policy. Admitting gay boys is not endorsing sexual activity, it's endorsing the sincere desire of any boy to be part of a group that has been the hallmark of good citizenship: To learn the skills of Scouting, to serve his community and to just fit in!

Shame on you Neal Humphrey, shame on you. The 21st century version of the BSA is well rid of you and your ilk.

Lee Witten

South Ogden


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