Search resumes near Provo for missing BYU student

Jun 5 2013 - 9:44am

PROVO -- A search has resumed for a 22-year-old Brigham Young University student who left for a hike on Saturday and hasn't returned.

The Daily Herald reports dozens of people turned out Tuesday to search for Tyler Mayle in the Y Mountain area.

His parents, Gary and Lori Mayle, held a news conference Tuesday night asking friends to come forward with any information on where the student had been hiking over the weekend.

Mayle's parents said they reported him missing Tuesday morning. His roommates said they hadn't seen him since Saturday, but thought he'd gone on vacation without telling him.

Officials say Mayle's vehicle was found at the Y Mountain trailhead less than two hours after the report.

Family members say Mayle is from Ranger, Colo., and has hiked the area before.

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