Chickens remain restricted in Roy

Jun 7 2013 - 12:55am


ROY -- Officials will not consider letting chickens in all zones anytime soon.

Resident Brenda Forgacs pleaded her case in favor of chickens to the city council Tuesday night.

She was given a firm "no."

Earlier this spring, the council voted 3-2 to not let chickens in all zones. However, Forgacs said she recently moved to Roy and didn't hear about the down vote until it was too late to do something. She said many of her neighbors and friends still want chickens, but don't live in the agricultural zone where they are allowed.

Forgacs hoped Tuesday that council members would reconsider.

She brought a petition with 50 signatures to help persuade them, but the council said it would not make any considerations at this time.

"It will not change in the foreseeable future," said Councilman Dave Tafoya, who has always been adamantly against having chickens.

Tafoya explained that there is a legal process to bring the issue back before the council and that two of the council members who voted against the ordinance to allow the chickens had to agree to bring the ordinance back. Neither of those council members was willing to do so.

Forgacs said she wasn't talking about the previous ordinance, but a new one that would be a small amendment not requiring much policing.

City Councilman Michael Stokes voted in favor of chickens before and said he would love to see them in all zones in the city, but there is a process to follow.

Council members suggested that Forgacs talk to the city attorney to see how to go about trying to get the council or planning commission to consider her idea.

Mayor Joe Ritchie also explained that plenty of information was given on the issue when it was discussed before. City Councilman Willard Cragun explained that many people went to the planning commission public hearings, but there were not many voices at the city council meeting, leading councilmen to believe there wasn't a huge interest.

"The majority has no interest in changing it," Tafoya said. "You're coming a little late to the game."

Forgacs still questioned the council on details about how the city would let her have chickens. She also asked which council members would be up for re-election, perhaps in the hope that the nay-voters would be off the council.

But Stokes, who voted for the chickens, is up for re-election as is Councilman Brad Hilton, who voted against the measure. Consequently they would cancel each other out.

Stokes told Forgacs to not give up the cause.

"It's just not going to happen tonight," he said.

Cragun told Forgacs part of the issue is with roosters. When the city had previously allowed chickens in all zones, people had roosters, which proved to be a huge nuisance. The negative feelings about the roosters have stuck with residents.

A council member finally asked the mayor to let the discussion end because a change was not going to made.

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